Spring Ball
Arrangement Fee
Every participant must
make a contribution
Dress Code
A strict dress code at the entrance
Every participant has to attend all trainings
Neutral, classic dress-suit, modest or costumed suit (dress pants, waistcoat)
Shoes, moccasins, Oxford shoes, brogues or special dance shoes
It is possible to come without a jacket - only trousers and a shirt
Beautiful and tidy hairdos
Dress with flared skirt
Various accessories (if you want)
Evening make-up
Knee-length skirt
New community and new friends
Ability to dance on social dance
parties all around the world
A chance to have fun and chill out c;
Moscow, Dance Hall
April 23, 2021
Designed by Ekaterina Lukina
Student Account
Предоставляется для создания учебных проектов. Не предназначен для коммерческого использования
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